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My trip to India

About two weeks ago I went on a trip of a lifetime with my school. Fifteen students and two teachers traveled together for more than fourteen hours to the other side of the world to spend ten days in India. We left home at 5am on Friday morning to go to the airport. We got to Dulles International Airport, and boarded our plane to Dubai. Once we landed in Dubai, we promptly went through customs and ventured into the city of Dubai in the UAE. We had a tour of the city and during the tour we went to see the world’s only 7 star hotel, a Muslim Mosque, the world’s tallest building, we went to the Palm islands and saw Atlantis, Dubai. There were plenty of other sights we saw, such as the spice markets and the gold markets.

DSC_0039Burj Al Arab

DSC_0208Burj Khalifa

DSC_0128Atlantis, Dubai

After our tour, we went back to the airport, went through customs and boarded our plane to New Delhi, India. When we left the airport, we were greeted by our guide, he brought us to our bus and gave up all leis of Marigolds. We went to our hotel, had dinner, then went to our rooms and went to bed.

DSC_0347Lotus Temple

DSC_0424Gandhi’s final steps

On our first full day in India, it poured rain, but we still went to the Lotus Temple, and to Gandhi’s museum. The Lotus Temple was absolutely beautiful. It’s made of white marble and shaped like an opening Lotus flower. After we went there, we went out to lunch, then to Gandhi’s museum. The museum is where Mahatma Gandhi lived at the end his life, and where he was assassinated. His final steps were laid out on the ground to mark where he had walked.



DSC_0574Taj Mahal

The second day we were there, it poured – again. But we got up extremely early to board a train to Agra, India – where the Taj Mahal is located. Once we got there, the rain stopped for a little bit, so we went to the Taj Mahal. While walking, we saw camels and tons of monkeys. I can’t even describe how incredible the Taj is – even though we went in a monsoon, it was still amazing.



After the Taj, we walked around Agra for a little bit. And encountered lots of very interesting people, but it was still amazing.

Later on in our trip, we went to North India, to Dehradun, where we worked with the Doon School on some of their service projects.




The kids at the schools we worked with were the most adorable children I have ever met.




kid in the window




Once we left Dehradun, we went up to Rishakesh, with is located in the Himalayas right on the Ganges River. We stayed in an Eco Lodge surrounded by amazing scenery. We were only there for a night, but we got there very early in the morning, and stayed till about 3pm the next day. In the evening, we went into Rishakesh and walked around.






All in all, this trip was an once in a lifetime trip for me. I;m going to try my absolute hardest to go back someday, but I don’t think anything can compare to this trip with my school group. It was the best experience of my life.