GeoClub takes Southwest Colorado and Southeast Utah


Maymont and Little Bear Christian

Last year I did a narrative series about a teddy bear named Little Bear Christian. And last night I went to Maymont and did a portrait session with Little Bear and took a few other photos of Maymont as well. The lighting last night was probably the best lighting I have ever seen while I’ve been there.  But here is the products of last night’s photo excursion.

EmmaPhillips-1241 EmmaPhillips-1248 EmmaPhillips-1272 EmmaPhillips-1277 EmmaPhillips-1283 EmmaPhillips-1303

EmmaPhillips-1255 EmmaPhillips-1309

Another Photo Class Project

Another project for photography, we had to make up our own series. And my series was “Flowers.” And yeah, it seems boring, because who wants to see another series of flowers…but my photos have a deeper meaning. So keep your mind open.

Project__0001 (1)

beauty is in the eye of the beholder


come to bed, sweetheart


breathe, there’s no need for stress


the lord is my shepherd